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How Professionals Build Websites in 2021

Sometimes it's really overwhelming to search for a great website builder that suits you perfectly, but never find one because of so many alternatives. You are fortunate to have run into 8b Mobile Site Builder that offers exceptional web design solutions in the competitive web world!

This article shows you what you get and what you're up to with 8b Simple Website Builder and how to use this software to create a mobile-friendly website with ease!

Why Use 8b?

There is a number of reasons why 8b Mobile Website Builder is worth a try. Here are some major features that will convince anyone to start using this application.

Without Budget

Completely Free

The most relevant factor when choosing a website builder is how much you are going to invest into the app to get better results. Forget about it with 8b Free Mobile Website Builder, as it provides you with great designs and easy-to-use web building solutions for free. There are no subscriptions, one-time fees and ads!


Responsive Design

Today it's highly demanded to have a responsive website that resizes to fit the device screen and looks awesome whether a website guest is using a PC or a laptop, tablet and smartphone. 8b guarantees that this is how you website is going to behave in order to improve user experience on any device.



Google loves websites created with 8b! Why? Because 8b Mobile Website Builder is based on the latest AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) developed by Google. In addition to it, 8b provides a large selection of unique, exceptional and clean looking designs that is important as to SEO of websites. 8b offers many options to modify website's titles, descriptions, URLs, ALTs and more to make your website more search-engine-friendly.

Web-Based App

Online Builder

8b is an online mobile website builder. This means you don't even need to download and install a software to create a professional website. Use your regular browser on PC, tablet or smartphone to go and start working on your web project wherever you are!

Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface

The utmost priority of 8b Mobile Website Builder is to make it as convenient and easy as possible for regular Internet users, PC newbies and inexperienced web designers to craft competitive web pages with no effort on their part. The app interface is that understandable, so there's actually no need to go through tutorials and guides to get started with 8b!

Visual Design


As for visual design, 8b allows you to view and edit the web page as is without a need to code. Moreover, 8b supports Drag and Drop that lets you pull web sections from a panel and put them right onto the page. With 8b Mobile Website Builder, you design your website as intuitively as it gets and always see how your site actually looks like. 

How Does It Work?

With 8b Mobile Website Builder, it's possible to build a mobile-ready website in a few minutes. Even if you lack some tech knowledge required to design web pages professionally, just follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Choose a Template

The initial step to start building your page is to pick the template that you like the most. You can view the templates directly on the main page of 8b Mobile Website Builder or sign up first and then choose a template while creating a website as shown on the pictures. 8b cheap website builder provides you with lots of templates like company, hotel, music, etc that feature many web sections to choose from.

2. Design Your Website

Once you've picked your template, you can start off designing your web pages. You can modify existing sections of the template by editing them visually or use section settings with toggles and sliders to perfectly adjust the appearance of your sections. Moreover, it's easy to change the global styles of your website like fonts, button/link colors.

3. Publish Your Project

By hitting publish, your website goes live instantly. It will have its own domain like you can customize as you want. Additionally, you are able to connect the website to your own acquired domain name and submit it to Google Index in a few clicks!

Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to work with 8b Mobile Website Builder.


Now, since you know what 8b Mobile Web Builder is about and how beneficial it could be for you and your online business, just try it out for free to feel the ease of use and convenience! Enjoy creating your first mobile-friendly website with no effort!

Start For Free

Make your first website using 8b Online Website Builder und you will be fascinated by how simple and amazing it is to work with.  Just hit the button below to get started quickly. It's completely free.


User: Hello,
Removing spaces from the file name allowed it to load. I notice when published the header section becomes deeper than in the mobile website builder. The logo looks too small - is there any way to get the logo image displayed larger than 60x60 pixels?
There are a few other inconveniences but overall I like your editor.

8b Team: All problems with images and logo are fixed now.
Please try to create a new site and test.
I'm waiting for your results!

User: I changed site name in settings, but it does not appear on the top.
Attached are snapshots showing the problem.

8b Team: Please see this topic
You should change the Page Title.

User: Good afternoon, please I want to ask about the steps taken to host a website 

8b Team: Please visit our help center here:

User: My website looks very different from the version of the free mobile site builder. The top picture for example is cropped oddly. Fonts are changed. How can I fix this? I really like how everything looks in the builder but in the browser as you can see the images are elongated and cropped. Please advise.

8b Team: Please clear your browser cache by hitting CTRL+F5

User: Hello I changed the name of the page html eg: from page1.html to privacy policy.html now it doesn't work please help. I followed your instructions on how to change the name, but when try and publish the saved data it gives me an error saying it publishing the pages that contain the name changes.

8b Team: Could you please send me a screenshot of this error message? We will look into it.

User: I am not able to drag sections... can you explain how to do this. I click on the drag icon which has arrow up and down.

8b Team: Could you please provide me with more details on your problem (screenshots, links)? We are very happy to help you!

User: Hi there I am receiving many of these as I am editing blocks - adding and changing text. It is really annoying, as I keep on losing work I have done. Since I cannot copy and paste text (the web builder then stops working), this is really annoying as I have to manually type each bit in. 

8b Team: Hi!
What browser you use? It must work in Chrome, Opera, Edge.

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