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Innovational App For Web Designers in 2023

In the past, building a website would typically involve the tedious process of manual coding but recently, software have been created to construct websites without any programming, they are called Website Builders. These tools are committed to providing you with the best possible convenience while working on a website project. Now the most user-friendly and cutting-edge web design solutions are Drag and Drop Website Builder Software.

Today there are plenty of both offline and online drag and drop web builders that you can easily discover across the internet. But what is actually the best one that gives the unparalleled user-experience and makes it as straightforward for you as it gets to create outstanding looking web pages?

This article is dedicated to 8b  -  an online Free Drag and Drop Website Builder - and why this app is so innovational and game-changing for web designers in 2023.

Drag and Drop Website Builders

There are some key features that need to be pointed out when considering 8b:

  • Online App: being an online tool, 8b Easy Website Builder works as a regular website application. There is no need for you to download this website builder on your device which gives you some perks. You always have access to your website and permission to modify it wherever you are using whatever device provided you remember your account credentials. This way you access your website from your desktop at home or at work, from your smartphone without transferring any files from one device to another.
  • WYSIWYG Builder: this means you're empowered to visually design your web page as is. In case of 8b, you have control over all of components on your website like titles, texts, buttons, images, videos as well as backgrounds. While working on your page, you see exactly the same look as if your website were already published. This helps you avoid switching from coding back to website.
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder: drag and drop is now a well-known must-have feature for any reputed website builder in the web market. It allows users to click on an element, drag and position it anywhere on a page. As for 8b, you are able to drag and drop website sections between other sections stacked seamlessly on top of each other.

How to get started

In order to start using Drag Drop Website Builder, you need to follow some quick and easy guidelines.

Start with a template

First of all, go to the 8b official page where you can freely choose one of the offered website templates available. These templates focused on specific topics close to your business. 

For instance, if you have your restaraunt, medical center, real estate agency, web shop or other type of companies, you will surely find an appropriate website template among the 8b templates. In case you're self-employed or just want to create a page for some reasons that don't relate to business, you can use such templates as Portfolio, Music, Photographer and more others. Even if you can't find the exact template for your purpose, you just have to choose any template you like since you're able to design your pages the way you like and feel.

You can also get started quickly by hitting the button below.

Create an account

The next thing you see is a sign-up window. Here you can quickly register to tie your website projects to your account.

To create an 8b account, just opt for email address, Google or Facebook accounts. It will take you no longer than seconds. The great thing about it is once you've got your own account you can access your projects from wherever you want: your home PC, your laptop, your friend's laptop, any smartphone and so on.

How Drag and Drop Website Builder Works

Once you've made the first step, you can actually proceed to the aforementioned drag-and-drop operations. To learn how the Best Drag and Drop Website Builder works, watch this video below.

Drag and drop a section from the panel onto the page

8b Drag and Drop Website Builder offers a lot of unique looking and easily designable website sections every template has at its disposal. To reach for these sections, just click on the round button with a "plus" sign in the right corner of any section written as "Add Section to Page".

Then you will see the list presented in two parts. In the right column, you would notice the number of existing blocks (headers, features, footers, menus and so on). If you click on one of them in the right column you will see all the variations of the chosen block. If you choose "Headers" in the right column, you would see 30 versions of this block in the left column. This way is super-fast and intuitive. You wouldn't have any difficulty with finding of the correct block. Also, if you anyhow have chosen some layout and want to change it, it would be super easy to do. Just click on the Customize Section and in the filed "Slide to try other layouts". So you can change the background view.

Drag and drop sections within the page

The change of the location could be realized very easily either. You need to click on the "Customize section" in the right upper corner of each block. At the end of the opened window on the left side, you would see the "Drag Section" sign. All you need is to hold it and drag the chosen block to the top or to bottom of the project.

This option is extremely useful as you don't need to remove the existing section and create it for one more time. Everything works fluent and fast.

Key Advantages

The drag and drop way of the site creation has a lot of obvious advantages.

Simple to Start With

It is hard to find a more convenient way of registration than in the 8b free app. The 8b site has extra options like site settings. You can pick the name of your site, set favicon, and the menu logo, change the domain info, and choose the index page for your site. It would help Google to provide the proper SEO for your site. Besides, you can check your project with the inbuilt analytics.

Design intuitively

You can choose a certain section and which you like the most among all its variations. Then you fulfill it with the information. If there would be some occasion. It's possible to transform the existing section layout. For example, it's possible to change the background image, align content, set overlay color, increase or decrease the top and bottom paddings and hide different elements of the block, like title, subtitle, text, buttons and so on. It's one of the most intuitive and fast ways to create your website. Also, you can change the layout of the precise section with the fulfilled information and the content would change as well. On the opposite, it would be saved automatically in further layout.

Online Tool

8b drag-drop builder works as an online website builder. It means that you can always have access to your project and site. You always can bring the necessary changes and add the content to your work. It's very convenient if you're a busy person and if you value your time. And the main plus of 8b cheap website builder is that you can use it absolutely for free and publish your project to the server for free. By the way, you can also publish the created project to your server.

Final Words

Considering all the features and benefits of 8b, there is no doubt that 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder is a total game-changer in the website builder market. It makes it easy as that for web design novices to get a state-of-the-art and ultra-modern website up and running with no input from user's side like coding due to Drag and Drop Web Design.

Start For Free

Make your first website using 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder und you will be fascinated by how simple and amazing it is to work with.
Just hit the button below to get started quickly. It's completely free.


User: Hi, This is Jan, I am business software developer, I am looking for some website builder which can provide me the feature available in ORACLE APEX; especially the database connectivity and fast SQL queries, in which I can develop input forms along with GUI features.
I am not sure whether database connectivity and input forms plus output reports features are available in your website builder or not?
Please advise if there is any solution for my problems.

8b Team: You can't connect to database from 8b Mobile Website Builder, but if you need base for input forms only - you can use our forms - they work fine.

User: Unable to save the loaded project. while select agency template

8b Team: Do you use Menu->Settings->Download zip?
Any errors?

User: Your email campaign is great except you don't mention the future pricing or length of beta
That puts me off trying it
If it works the way it looks then I have 3 clients I would suggest.use it if beta period and future pricing were in your advertising.

8b Team: Thank you for the feedback!
Possibly, in summer, there will be a paid plan with a feature to set up your own domain, but we don't have any accurate information on this issue yet.

User: It should be very simpel to download pdf files from the owner's computer to the website.

8b Team: You can add any file as link - pdf, xls, txt etc.

User: Hi Team
I'd like to try the full suite of the new version without being charged
In exchange, I will share my observations with you for improving the experience
Look forward to working on this project
Warm regards

8b Team: 8b is totally free during launch period.
Try here - https://8b.com/
And please let us know your ideas, bug report, suggestions.
What features you'd like to see in the next release? What you don't like and want to change?
Also check the help center at https://help.8b.com/

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