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If you know nothing of coding or design but you need to create good looking design layout during one day, check out 8b Simplest Website builder. You will create a good structured and well-thought website without any efforts.

This article shows you what you get and what you're up to with 8b Free Website Builder and how to use this software to create a mobile-friendly website with ease!

Major Features

8b Free Website Builder contains several very useful features, which are very helpful for you.

Responsive Layout

Mobile Design 

8b Mobile Website Builder works with the AMP platform. It means that your website would perfectly work on any phone. The layout design will automatically change depending on the device. You don’t need to think of that during the site creation. All you need to do is just to publish your work. Then you would see the mobile icon, which would let you see the site on the phone mode.
Also, in 8b you can create sites with limitless pages. To create a new page, you need to click on the hamburger in the left upper corner and choose the Pages option. There you need to click on Create New Page, that’s it. The new page is created. 

Without Budget

Free Hosting

After finishing the website you would obviously need to publish it. In 8b Best Free Website Builder you would have an awesome opportunity to do that absolutely for free. All you need to do is just to click on the hamburger in the right upper corner and choose “Publish”. After that, you would see the congratulation message with the current address and the opportunity to put it to your own hosting server. If you want, you can submit the site for Indexing by Google. Also, if you would like to bring some extra changes to the code of your work, it’s possible to Export the website to your desktop. 

Clean App

Absolutely No Ads

8b is a low cost website builder. It’s very comfortable to work in this app as it has a very precise and clear design. Moreover, it doesn’t have any ad in it, considering that the site builder is totally free. 

Personalized URL

Custom Domain 

You can name your site in the way you want. To do that click on the Hamburger and choose Settings. After that, in the field Domain, you need to rename your website and click on Change. You can see here several other features and options, which might be useful for you, for example, Google Index, Site Analytics, Site Export, Progressive Web App and Remove unused CSS. 


Multipurpose Templates 

One of the most obvious advantages in 8b Free Website Builder is the huge amount of different templates. You would find the theme idea almost for every purpose. 8b Free Website builder has 18 themes: Agency, Company, Consulting, and more. In 8b it’s possible to change not only images, fonts, and colors but the look of every component. To do that, click on the Customize Section in the right upper corner. There you would have an opportunity to change the layout completely. Also below you would see the Show All Settings button. When you click on it, you see different possible manipulations with the layout. So basically, it’s possible to create an absolutely different template out of the existing theme. 

How 8b Works

You just need to go through 4 simple steps to create a website with 8b Free Website Builder. All these steps don't require any tech knowledge or budget, so this is a real powerful tool that can handle anyone. Let's get started!

1. Sign Up

8b Free Website Builder is super intuitive and clear, so it wouldn’t be difficult to create a new account at all. When you come to the website you can see two ways to sign up. It’s necessary to do to create the website.
The first way is to click on the Create Free Website in the right upper corner. Then you would see the register window, where you can sign up with Google or Facebook. Also, below you would see the field, where you can put the email. 

2. Choose Any Template 

The second way is to click on Select here. Then you would have an opportunity to choose any template out of the theme list. In 8b Online Site Builder, it’s possible to find a template for any case. When you would choose the theme, you would need to name your future work and click on Create site.

3. Edit Your Website

Now you’re going to create your own website, which would be very easy and even pleasant. In both cases, you would see an already created site, which you can modify in the way you want. It’s not necessary even to bring any visual changes to layout, you can just put in the content you want.

If it’s necessary, you can add any section you need using Drag and Drop. To do that, scroll down and click on the plus sign. Then you would see the list of sections, which you can use. Obviously, there are all the necessary sections for almost every case of user’s interaction with the site: Headers, Features, Contacts, Menus, Footers, Pricing Tables, Testimonials, Team section, Articles, Images and Videos, and a lot more. Every section has several representations.

For example, Gallery and Slider section has 20 variations.
You can choose any version you want and fulfill it with the content. Or you can change the section even more, in the way you prefer. If you are going to do that, click on the Customize Section icon. It would help you to open the menu of the chosen block. In the upper part, it’s possible to change the layout of the block, to choose the one from the section’s versions. Below you can see Show all settings. When you click on it, there would be opened the second part of the menu. 

It would help you to bring all the necessary changes you need. There you would have the opportunity to manipulate with the titles, subtitles, text, buttons, colors, overlay, opacity, paddings, background, align and so on.
So basically, it’s possible to create an absolutely different section and layout design out of the existing one. In some cases, you can even reverse the content or change the number of columns.
Also, with the Customize Section, you can swap around the sections of your site and remove them. You would find this feature in the bottom part of the Customize section menu. 

4. Publish Your Site

When your website is finished, you need to publish it. With 8b free website builder and hosting it wouldn’t take any effort. But at first, you might consider some other options for 8b free website builder and own domain, which could help you to improve the work of your site. Click on Hamburger and then on Settings. In the opened menu it’s possible to change the site’s name, favicon, domain; set Google Index, Site Analytics; choose PWA and remove unused CSS. Also, you can rename the existing domain or connect it to your own.

All these options could considerably improve your work. Removing the unused CSS would help you to increase the uploading process. Google Index and Site Analytics would put your site higher on Google’s list.
After all this, you can easily publish your website. Click on the Hamburger and then on Publish. That’s it, your site’s published! Now you can see the Congratulations message. It would offer you to contact your site with your new domain and index it. It’s possible to go back to the editor mode. To do that, you need to close the message and click on the Back to Edit sign in the left upper corner. Also, you can preview your site in the phone mode. If you need to do it, click on the Mobile Preview icon on the right side from the Back to Edit sign. 

Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to work with 8b Free Website Builder.


8b Free Website Builder is a real life-saver when it comes to designing a responsive website for free as fast as possible. It saves a lot of time and let's you avoid struggling with code. 

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User: 8b is awesome and very talented: easy to use and to input content! 👏Everything works fast and easy.
Great work, guys! 👍
Only, do not do it expensive, pls. :)
Congratulations with great project to all team!

8b Team: Thank you for your feedback! It can help us make 8b builder better, so don't hesitate to share your ideas with us - any feedback is always appreciated.

User: Hi,
I would like to ask you, can I use your platform to create my website and then host it in a separate server?
Also, can I add any kind of content in my website, or are there any restrictions?

8b Team:  You can create a website through 8b, publish it and connect it to your own domain.
Check these links -
You can add anything in a frame of your state law.

User:  Hello there, thank you for getting in touch.
Please let me ask again before I start creating a website.
If I Export the site (.zip file), it means I can upload it to my own server, using my own domain and hosting, separate from b8, is that correct?
Thank you once again

8b Team: Please visit our help center here:

User:  This is great and in the right direction! I couldn't find a template to showcase my Desktop Software application with screenshots, trial download, etc. Is such a template available?

8b Team:  You can see all available templates in a builder.
Please let us know your ideas and suggestions.

User: Hello! I did not find the "undo action" button. Yesterday I accidentally deleted the text and could not restore it by pressing such a button. Is she, or is she not? It also fails to make the text in the right place highlighted (bold, thick letters). I could not understand the logic of the appearance of the button "B", which makes thick letters (bold type). I'm also interested in how to do all this from a smartphone. I’m interested in site builder 8b because you can create a site from a smartphone on it, but I need exactly that.

8b Team:  We added your request for Undo and Redo to our TODO list.
Thank you for the feedback!

User: I am not able to drag sections... can you explain how to do this. I click on the drag icon which has arrow up and down.

8b Team: Do you mean a reorder or adding a new section?
Please see:

User: Folks,
I am experiencing difficulty in changing the photos / pictures. I can use one of the stock photos without any difficulty, but, when I try to upload one from my computer it is not accepted.
What is the recommended format and the size for a photo / picture to be uploaded?

8b Team: Hi!
Can you send images you're trying to upload (in zip)?
Also note that 8b has 3MB limit for images.

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