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6 Reasons To Build a Website with 8b

Time is a precious thing in our life. If you need to create a stylish website and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time and money, if you don’t have any experience in coding and designing, you could try 8b Free Online Website Builder. It would suit you perfectly.

In this article, you will learn in detail what are the key advantages of 8b Online Site Builder and how to use it in a more productive way. But before that you could glance on 8b, it’s totally free.

Extremely Simple to Use

To use 8b Free Online Web Builder, you don’t need to have a profound knowledge in coding or design as it was said earlier. Actually, you don’t even need to know a lot about the PC, as the program works online and you get access to it in any time from any device, but we would talk about it later. All you need to do to start creating your site is register in 8b Free Online Site Builder. It would take several seconds.

Getting Started

Click on Create Free Website or Select Here. If you would click on Create Free Website, you would be transferred to the registration directly. If you would choose Select Here at the first, you would have an opportunity to choose the template of your future site and name it. After that, you would be transferred to the Registration either. 

Creating an account

Register with your Google or Facebook account, what would literally take a few seconds. That’s it, now you can create your site. 

Choosing a template

The process of usage is extremely simple as it was said. After the creation of your site, you see the existing templates, where you can change the content in the way you like.

Designing Sections

If you want to change the layout of the precise section, you need to click on the Customize Section in the right upper corner. There you just choose the layouts at the top of the opened menu. Also, you can choose Show All Settings option. It would help you to change the existing elements, which you can see in the section. 

Variety of templates

One more stunning thing about 8b is that you can use over 18 absolutely free templates for your site.

Unique Design

All these themes have a different style, design, images, fonts, and colors. They’re absolutely unique. In 8b Free Online Website Builder you will find a template, which would satisfy your need. 

Many Topics

There you see further themes: Agency, Company, Consulting, Event, Gaming, Hotel, Lawyer, Medical, Music, Photographer, Portfolio, Real Estate, Restaurant, Shop, Sport, Travel, Wedding, Writer. Remember that you can bring any changes to an existing theme, if you didn’t find the necessary template in the list, you are able to change the theme in the way you want. 

Responsive Design

Today literally everyone uses a phone, so it’s an internal option for any site to be represented properly on any kind of phone. You don’t need to worry about it in 8b Online Website Builder at all. 

Flexible Layout

You can create the website in the usual mode for computers and it would be automatically redesigned for smartphones. It’s possible to see that after publication. In the right upper corner after publication, you can see that in the Mobile Preview mode. 

AMP Support

8b Online Page Builder uses the AMP google platform, which has a lot of opportunities and advantages. AMP platform reduces the time of the content loading on the page. If the person needs to find some precise text or the element on its phone, he would have to wait for a long time until the content would be uploaded. 

Latest Google AMP

This problem above is solved with 8b Online Website Builder as it's based on the latest Google AMP technology that allows the content to load fast and quickly directly from Google AMP cache what improves the page loading speed.

Better Google Ranking

It’s important to mention, that Google would give you an advantage in its ranking, as Google created this AMP platform and it wants people to use it.
All elements, on the phones, would be located exactly in their places. This platform was designed especially for the layout improvement on the phones. 

Free and Online

8b allows you to work online using any kind of device that's connected to the internet and you don't need to have money to get your website up and running with 8b Online Website Builder.

No Budget Needed

The key advantage of 8b Online Drag and Drop Website Builder is that it’s totally cheap. Use 8b as many times as you want. There’s only one small restriction, it’s possible to create only 3 websites simultaneously. In all the rest, you can use it as many times as you wish absolutely for free with all its free templates and layouts.

Access From Smartphone

Moreover, 8b Page Builder Online doesn’t have a desktop application, so you wouldn’t have any troubles with the installation or requirements. It’s super easy to use this app, all you need is the internet connection. You can get access to your project at any time, it’s possible to bring changes from your phone.

Publish Easily

You won't believe how simple it is to go online with 8b Online Website Builder!

Domain Connection

We could mention one more con of the 8b Easy Online Builder. You can publish your site to server of 8b absolutely for free or to your own server. You can do that after publication, you would see the window with the Connect Domain button. There you just can put the server information, so the site would be located in there.

Download Your Website

Also, download the created site with all the content, which includes the index.html, js, json and images. It means that you can bring the changes you want manually after publication. It’s super useful opportunities for the creation of your future site. 


Above are listed the key reason of why 8b Online Website Builder is worth using. To sum it up, you get a responsive AMP-based website built completely without coding and money required. For free, you are in power to design and manage your web pages intuitively, create unique layouts and publish SEO and Google-friendly websites to a secure domain with ease.

Start For Free

Make your first website using 8b Online Website Builder und you will be fascinated by how simple and amazing it is to work with.
Just hit the button below to get started quickly. It's completely free.


User: I'm trying to use images from my computer but they don't seem to be uploading to the site? 

8b Team: Could you try again? Also please note that the image must be 3 Mb max.

User: When I used your 8b Online Web Builder, I accidentally published the page and it would not let me cancel my mistake. So my page is live right now when it really should not be. What do I do? Can I unpublish it somehow?

8b Team: You can remove the site in the Menu->Sites.

User: Hi Support team,
I have domain name from but when I try to connect with on connect domain menu.
It showed a instructure message 1...2...3. replace your current name servers with the 8b name servers shown below.
But it nothing showing below so I dont know what is the name servers of
Please let me know about name servers that I can change with my domain name of

8b Team: Please see

User: Hello,
I exported my site to local and running the index page, then I found it can't be installed as PWA through chrome: the install option is missing.
Is there a way to get it back? Need your help.
Thanks and regards.

8b Team: We're currently working on this PWA problem, and will fix it in the 8b Online Website Builder soon.

User: I will suggest you include multiple extension format and moving picture option!

8b Team: Thanks for your suggestion!

User: Thank you so much for your efforts in making web building easy for us all. We really appreciate your efforts. I would like to suggest that you include security features such forms, databases, user login and authentication features. Thank you.

8b Team: Thank you for your feedback! I've sent your suggestion to our development team!

User: Can I upload the website on my own server?
Or do I have to use your server?

8b Team: Sites are hosted on our server, but you can use your own domain name.
Check these tutorials, please visit  

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